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Name: Chloe


Age: 25

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL aka HELL

Website & Url

If you work in a shop or have you can send Url if you like :o):

How many piercings do you have and where I have 7 piercings. Eyebrow, Monroe, Labret, Tongue, Both Nipples and Clit Hood.


Q1. Where did you get your first Piercing done and do you know by who?

A. I got my first piercing (my eyebrow) done by Chewie at Tattoo Experience who has since done all my piercings.


Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first Piercing?


A. I was scared as fuck!  I knew I wanted it, but Iím a big chicken when it comes to pain.


Q3.  Can you tell us what was your scariest and happiest piercing experience so far?


A.  Scariest experience was getting my Monroe done. He must have hit a vein because blood shot everywhere. I was bleeding pretty badly and it wouldnít clot up. I bled for about an hour till he put a bigger bar in and stopped the bleeding.  The happiest experience is getting my hood done. I was so proud of myself for some reason.


Q4. What is your favorite Piercing, where is it and why?


A. My Monroe is my favorite. I live in a small town so itís always a conversation piece. I think it looks great on me.


Q5. What advice can you give people who are looking to get pierced for the first time?


A. Read about the piercing first. I always do a lot of reading on websites that have personal experiences and info to really make sure itís what I want to get and its right for me.


Q6. Any Additional Comments


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