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Mikyla Allen

Pierced Mortal



Mikyla Allen

Name: Mikyla Allen

Age: 17
Location: South West Scotland
Website &  Url:

If you work in a  shop or have you can send Url if you like :o):

How Many  Piercings and where: 17. Side labret, Madonna spot, tongue, both
left and right nostrils, cartilage at the top on the right ear, right lobe
twice with the bottom stretched to 8mm, left lobe twice, conch, tragus,
anti-tragus, right nipple, top, bottom and right side of navel.
Q1. Where did you  get your first Piercing done and do you know by who?

A. First MAJOR piercing was my labret, it was 2 weeks before my 15th
birthday, and it was at Gemini, which has been closed down because she was a
really bad piercer!

Q2. What was going  through your mind when you got your first Piercing?

A. "Just do it dammit!"

Q3. Can you tell us what was your scariest  and happiest piercing experience
so far?

A. Probably my conch, because I'd never seen anyone with it, or my
Anti-tragus because the piercer had never seen it before :)

Q4. What is your  favorite Piercing, where is it and why?

A. When I had my tongue pierced the 2x (one in front of the other) I loved
them, but sadly I had to take one out as it constantly tore my tongue -
looked sexy though :)

Q5. What advice  can you give people who are looking to get pierced for the
first time?

A. Don't get stressed about it - AND LEAVE IT ALONE! piercings just DO NOT
heal if you are constantly playing with them!

Q6. Any Additional  Comments A.

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