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Bianca Verweij

Name: Bianca Verweij

Shop Name: 
Bianca's Tattoo Solution


Age: 29

Location: Kleine Drift 21 1221 JW   Hilversum 
Phone: 035-6217171 Hilversum Ė the Netherlands

Your Website:

How many years in the biz: 11

Your shop website:

Hobbies & Interests: tattooing, oil painting, music, sport

BAW: What made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?

Artist:  must be my destiny

BAW: Who are your influences?

Artist: I really love the work of Robert Hernandez and of Tony Ciavarro

BAW: What is your favorite style of work?

Artist: realistic and New school

BAW: Tell us about your first Tattoo Inkspierence?

Artist: When I was a child my father got a tattoo with my name in it. I was very proud of it. When I was 16 I got my first one and my father paid for it. Because I was drawing all the time my father thought it was a good idea for me to start tattooing and I started learning when I was 18 in a shop in Utrecht (Holland)

BAW: What is your favorite piece you own?

Artist: I like my swallows the most.

BAW: What is your most memorable Tattoo given and why?

Artist: I did a portrait of a 2 year old boy on both parents after the kid died of a heart disease. The parents brought some pictures of the boys grave and funeral. That was really sad. That tattoos meant a lot to them. They were very grateful. It feels good to help people taking a little pain away.

BAW: Is there a part of the body you won't Tattoo and why?

Artist: face, hand, penis.

BAW: How do you feel about female Tattoo Artists?

Artist: Some are good, some are bad just like the male tattoo artists. So I donít think theyíre any different from male artists. I noticed you have to proof yourself harder before taken serious. So I did!

BAW: Do you support supply co. that sells to the public? 

Artist: No

BAW: Do you feel there now should be mandatory schooling for soon to be tattoo artists?

Artist: Yes, about hygiene. They can learn from the mistakes others used to make and itís too dangerous nowadays to start tattooing or piercing without any knowledge on hygiene. But I donít think there should be schools who give away everything about how to make a tattoo. We worked to hard for that. It shouldnít be too easy for everybody since most of them are just in it for the money.
BAW: Do you feel Tattooing has changed over the years, and if so why?

Artist: More and more rules, better equipment and much better tattoos. More accepted.

BAW: Do you think it is important to do as many conventions and shows as possible?

Artist: I think there are too many conventions right now. Most people seen it all. Nothing new, all the same concepts. Surprise us with something new and Iíll be there! I do about 10 conventions a year, but if you want to you can join one every week. Thatís too much. But you have to show your face now and then so people donít forget you.

BAW: What advise can you give to someone who is starting or looking to get into the tattoo business?

Artist: Start learning from someone good before just starting at all!

BAW: What could you say to someone who has had a bad first Inkspierence?

Artist: Next time take a good look at someone's portfolio and if you see someone with a really great tattoo ask who did it. Do your homework.
BAW: Please share any other comments or views or questions to the public you might have.

Artist: Donít mind driving a few hours to a good artist. It might be worth it. Itís there for the rest of your life.

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