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Angel Schultz

Artist Interview 3


Work Done By

Angel Schultz


Name: Angel Schultz


Age: 28

Location: Memphis ,TN

Hobbies & Interests: All forms of art ;paintings, music (classical and modern), theater , museums, all those things are of interest to me but I really love to just "veg" in front of the TV and do nothing because it lets me rest my brain. (my mom has always told me I think too much)

BAW: What made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?

Artist: Well for as long as I can remember I drew ALL OVER my walls. When I was a teenager ,my whole room was one big painted collage. I've always felt that if I'm not doing something creative that life isn't worth living. Being able to express myself artistically is an outlet for me and keeps me "alive" in every sense of the word. It keeps me grounded emotionally ,spiritually ,and psychologically. I thank "god" for this and putting me where I need to be. Everything happens for a reason. That's my motto. <winks>


BAW: Who are your influences?

Artist: As bad as it may sound , I have no real "influences". There are some artists like "Kevin" @ "Ramsees" in Memphis (who is just plain BADASS) whom I hold high respects for because he deserves it. To me I don't care how long you have been doing it, it's the work that you put out. If you put out some kick ass shit then you deserve to be treated with respect (ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT A COMPLETE ASSWIPE. Some tattoo artists think that just because they are a tattoo artist they are a god or something...I laugh at those kind of jackasses.)


BAW: What is your favorite style of work?

Artist: I'm not partial to any certain style...if it looks good and it's quality work then it's beautiful to me.


BAW: Tell us about your first Tattoo Inkspierence?

Artist: My 1st Professional tattoo was done by my best friend, Traci Hassett, another female tattoo artist in the industry. It is 2 of my most memorable cats, " Ozzy " and "Weedledom". They are playing with a ball of yarn, wrapped around my ankle, and it is my own design that I drew up from their pics as kittens. My 2 cats "Ozzy" and "Weedledom" were very special cats to me. They were very expressive cats with very unique personalities...unfortunately they were born with feline leukemia and none wanted them ,so I took them and spoiled them rotten. They lived to be about 3 yrs old and then we had to "put them down", which was very hard but I didn't want them to suffer anymore. I wanted to remember them forever so I decided to have them engraved into my flesh forever to remind me of the goodness in this cruel world.


BAW: What is your favorite piece you own?

Artist: My favorite tattoo is my fairy which is a "Gail Somers" design that is in the inside of my right forearm from wrist to elbow. My friend Anna Murdock did it and I love it cuz to me it represents my purity and innocence and longing for a simple, happy existence.


BAW: What is your most memorable Tattoo given and why?

Artist: I don't have a most memorable one because I remember each one and why which would take way to long to tell about each one.I have over 30.


BAW: Is there a part of the body you won't Tattoo and why?

Artist: Hell yeah!!! My "cooch" cuz it would hurt like a bitch.


BAW: Do you support supply co. that sells to the public?


Artist: Yes and no...Yes because they (the scratchers) are going to do it either way and I would rather them try and be as sterile as possible if they are gonna do it .And no because ,well I'm sure I don't have to explain why on that subject. We all know why...or at least I would hope we all know why. They NEED formal training)


BAW: Do you feel there now should be mandatory schooling for soon to be tattoo artists?

Artist: On some levels yes because some apprentices catch hell while they are going through their apprenticeship (like I did JUST because I was a girl). BUT I think the schooling should be for AT LEAST  1 yr ,not some 3 or 6 month bullshit class ,ya know??


BAW: Do you feel Tattooing has changed over the years, and if so why?

Artist: OF COURSE! The art of tattooing is always growing and we are constantly learning new things.


BAW: Do you think it is important to do as many conventions and shows as possible?

Artist: Only if you want to be "known"...I personally care less about the rock star status. I'm just happy being able to do what I love most, and that is expressing myself artistically.


BAW: What advise can you give to someone who is starting or

looking to get into the tattoo business?

Artist: DON'T GET A BIGHEAD!   There will ALWAYS  be somebody better than you .Stay grounded and focus on putting out quality work. Take your time to make sure every piece you put out is the best you can do.


BAW: What could you say to someone who has had a bad first Inkspierence?

Artist: wow...uhhh, lets see....that's a hard question.....I really depends on the situation ..Like was the artist an asshole? Or did it hurt too much? It just really depends on that persons personal Inkspierence..


BAW: Please share any other comments or views or questions to the public you might have.


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