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Harry Crisman

Name: Harry Crisman


Location: Pa

Website: Thor's Valhalla

Q1. Do you have any shop experience if any?
A. I  apprenticed at Micky's Tattoo Studio II

Q2. Where did you get your first Tattoo and Do you know by who?
A. At the Butler Fair by "Red"

Q3. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo and how did you react weeks after it was on your body?
A. Well as soon as the needle touched my skin I was thinking " what am I gonna get next ? "

Q4. Is there a meaning behind your 1st Tat and what is it if you care to share?
A. Actually I had it covered up, It was a Rose with my wifes name under it , I still have my wife but not the tattoo.....LOL The meaning was to show my Life commitment I made to my Wife.

Q5. What is your favorite Tattoo, where is it and why?
A. This is tough for I like them all but I would have to say my forearm Piece which was done By Micky at Mickys Tattoo Studio II , which placed in a Tattoo contest, is my favorite because of all the compliments I get about it.

Q6. What advise can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?
A. They should make sure that they are getting the tattoo they want to see for the rest of their life and they should also make sure they are getting it done by a professional at a professional shop, a shop that uses the proper sterilizing equipment, and uses proper proceedures to make sure that the enviroment is also sterile, they should ask to see the shop autoclave, and there should be no problem or excuses why they cannot see it, If a shop seems annoyed by your questions about sterilization or proceedures , then maybe
you should look elsewhere

Q7. Do you have any additional comments?
A. I would like to mention that even with Tattooing as popular as it is today at times I still have to put up with people who dicriminate against me for having visible tattoos, Which doesnt really bother me due to I realize that when people don't understand something they fear it and therefore they discriminate against it, but it has opened my eyes to all discrimination , Everyone is different whether it be , Tattoos , Race, Gender , sexual prefferences, society stature, But when you look past all that we are all the "same" If we could all just learn to respect each others differences, we would have a much better "America" and as far as the old cliche goes " your body is a temple" has anyone ever seen a temple that was not beautifully decorated?????

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