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Marked Mortal 34




Thom Butler

Thom Butler

Long Island, NY



Web Address:

Q1. Where did you get your first tattoo and do you know by who?
A. Body Creations and it was done by Wayne Loftain.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo?
A. Fear, excitement and an incredible adrenaline rush!

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your first tattoo and what is it if you care to share?
A. I don't believe in that crap, I think that tattoos take on meaning only after you get it. Then when you look at it later in life it will take you back to a time and place in your life...but getting a tattoo changes your whole being from that moment on. You have (only after your first tattoo), made a permanent commitment that few people are willing or even able to make. Does this answer your question? (lol)

Q4. What is your favorite tattoo, where is it and why?
A. The portrait of my son on the back of my calf is my favorite. It was done by my very close friend Eddy Deutche as a birthday present for me. It was also the first portrait he ever did.

Q5. What advice can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?
A. Oh-boy! Ok, take your time, be sure that you want a tattoo and the commitment it takes. shop around! There are so many shops out there now, and just because a guy hangs a sign on a store doesn't mean he knows the first thing about tattoo. Talk to the artists you visit, feel them out. Ask to see photo albums of their work. Check the shop for cleanliness, professionalism, friendliness...don't get tattooed at the first or closest shop you see. Don’t get tattooed on a whim or under the influence (this can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, don't mess it up by being messed up!) when you finally pick an artist you are comfortable with, trust his or her judgement, they are professionals at this, you are not.

Q6. Any Additional Comments
A. Ok, that’s about it...hope it is
also there is an article on me in TATTOO magazine January 1993 and an article on my old shop (when we first opened) in outlaw biker tattoo revue#39

Also if you can, tell people to, for godsake.....FOLLOW THE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!


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