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Marked Mortal 35




Kylie Paintain

Kylie Paintain / Grumpy Bear



Canberra, Australia


Where did you get your first Tattoo and Do you know by who?
A. My first Tattoo was by Ex de Medici - it was done at her home as she was establishing a new shop at the time.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo?
A. Will this hurt.... Hmmm that's kinda nice...damn I can't see
what is going on :) I actually spent most of the time I was getting tattooed talking with Ex so really didn't notice how long it took or how much it hurt.

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your 1st Tat and what is it if you care to share?
A. Yep! It has to do with expressing the freedom I feel in the way
I live my life. To me there could be nothing more free or powerful than a winged unicorn.

Q4. What is your favorite Tattoo, where is it and why?
A. This is a hard one but if I have to choose it is the bear on my right thigh. I guess it is my favorite because it is really a reflection of who I am and how I identify myself in the world. A growing part of my identity is a bear - in particular a polar bear. This tattoo is based on an Inuit bear design but also has a moari feel to it due to the spiral component. As a Kiwi I felt that it was important to have this link. The sacred heart section of this piece is also very important to me as I dedicated to my girlfriend when I had it done - hence the red and white roses.

Q5. What advice can you give people who are looking to get ink
for the first time?
A. I guess this will sound a bit cliched but make sure you know what you want and where you want it. Also get to know your tattooist. I think this helps with developing any work you have done and this will be reflected in the finished tattoo.

Grumpy Bear

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