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Meredith VanSickle

Marked Mortal 13



Meredith VanSickle

Name: Meredith VanSickle



Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Website & Url: *but its still on the skeleton and my web master guy has a million typos* 
If you work in a shop or have you can send Url if you like :o):

Timeless Tattoos

 Q1. Where did you get your first tattoo and do you know by who?

A. James Hoogland of Addictive Arts

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo?

A. crap, how will I hide this from my mom?!

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your first tattoo and what is it if you care to share?

A. I always loved stars, even when I was little. It just seemed like something that would be impossible for me to regret.

Q4. What is your favorite tattoo, where is it and why?

A. my favorite? hmmm... I think my shoulder caps. They were done by a girl I consider to be close like a sister, and every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of how awesome she is. Dawn Russell is her name, she used to work at Timeless but she moved to Chicago and now can be found at the Tattoo Factory

Q5. What advice can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?

A. make sure you go to someone who's good, not someone who is cheap.

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