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Donald Shook

Marked Mortal 37





Don Shook

Name: Don Shook


Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Web Address:

Q1. Where did you get your first Tattoo and Do you know by who?
A. My first tattoo was a unicorn on my right arm. I got it at "Fast Freddies" located in Columbus, GA while I was stationed at Ft. Benning in 1984.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo and how did you react weeks after it was on your body?
A. Well I remember that I went down to Columbus with a buddy and we stumbled on to a tattoo parlor. I remember being a little hesitant about getting one done because we were not allowed to INK ourselves in Basic Training. Anyways, my buddy went first and while he was getting his done the owner of the shop came in with a date. I guess he wanted to impress her because he offered to do mine. What
I remember the most about it was not so much the feeling of getting Inked or the electric whine of the gun, but as I was sitting there side by side with my buddy watching him getting worked on, I thought to myself. Boy, I'm glad I waited. you see the guy Inking my buddy wasn't very good and his tattoo was pretty horrid. Fast Freddie did a hell of a job on mine (in only a half an hour) and it remained my favorite tattoo. Until "Clash".

Q3.Is there a meaning behind your 1st Tat and what is it if you care to share?

Q4. What is your favorite Tattoo, where is it and why
A. My favorite tattoo is my sleeve of "The Clash of The Titans". Chris "Blick", owner of American Tattoos has been working on it now for two years. It's my favorite not only because of the art work and colors, but because it was amazing to see it slowly evolve over time. Blick is a great artist with vision and depth. I have one maybe two sessions left and it will be done. It's been about two months since I've been in "THE CHAIR" and I'm having withdraw symptoms.
I already have a few ideas for the other arm!

Q5. What advise can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?
A. The best advice that I could offer is to find a good artist who works in a clean shop. Always stake out the shop and watch the artist tattoo a few people (if possible) or look his or her finished work over. You should always take you're time in choosing a tattoo and artist. Many times while at the shop I've seen people come in and take about 2 minutes picking flash out and then jump right into the chair. Tattoos are "Forever". they don't need to have a special meaning or be spiritual to the owner, but the owner better have taken their time picking it out cause it's not washing off. Another thing that I have seen while at the shop is people shopping for a tattoo like their buying a used car. They will try to get their tattoo at the lowest cost. You might find a guy willing to tattoo you at a low buck, but will it be worth it? You'll probably end up paying someone even more money to cover up you're "Bargin" tattoo. If you find someone good. save you're money and get it done with them, you're skin isn't going anywhere.

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