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Kim Stolk

Marked Mortal 38




Kim Stolk

Kim (Peaches) Stolk





Q1. Describe each of your tattoos, where they are, who
done by ( you may include shop name and link if available)

and what they symbolize to you if any.
A. Well I guess I have a wildlife theme going, with most of my tattoos being of my favorite animal the "Horse", I have 2 horse heads on each of my knees, one on each lower leg, an appaloosa horse on my right shin bone, and a horse Celtic piece that took 14.5 hours to complete in one sitting on my
right lower leg, YES I sat there for that long! LOL..I also have a tribal horse wristband, a tiger on my upper right thigh, a wolf on my chest, and last but not least my FAV actor TOM CRUISE which was my artist's first portrait, on my right upper front portion of my thigh. Its amazing and has a very special meaning to me..its my tribute to him after being a devoted fan
right from the start. All my horse tattoos symbolize who I am underneath the surface, free spirited, care-free and a beautiful soul..I feel mentally connected to horses as I own 3 of my own, and have been around them all my life, so my
tattoos are symbolic to them. All my tattoos except for 5 were done by artist extraordinaire Mike "The Magician" Loshaw of Loshaw's Body Art.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your
first tattoo and how did you react weeks after it was
on your body?
A. I was thinking, hey this ain't so bad, and when will I be getting another one! I reacted so proudly afterwards showing everyone and anyone my new tattoo, like I had crossed an imaginary line that seperated me from the rest of the world, becoming one of the "marked". This felt soooo right for I had been searching my whole life for someway to be different and this was the answer, and now there is NO going back..LOL

Q3. How do you choose your artists and your work?
A. Well I only have one artist, and have only had one other that had worked on me, needless to say I was not happy with that person, and it just so happened that I met my current artist at this "scratchers" shop and we became friends, and he started tattooing my hubby, and I watched his work progress to the point where I said "ok now its my turn" lol..but only after
I truly was comfortable enough where I knew my tattoos that I wanted would turn out the way I wanted.
My artist has a certain style I like, and they look like "ART" not like many scratchers out-there that make body art look real bad because they are into tattooing for all the "WRONG" reasons.

Q4. How many tattoos are too many?.
A. I think that's a personal preference, to me you can never have enough tattoos, and as long as you can deal with all the controversy that comes with being a tattooed person, then who's keeping count on how many ya have. You should be getting tattoos because YOU really want them, not for any
other reason, and if ya want your body covered in them then that is your choice, no-one else's.

Q5. What advise can you give people who are looking to
get ink for the first time?
A. The best advice I can give anyone getting inked for the first time, is that before you get one ask alot of questions, see the shop, look at the artist's portfolio, and go with your gut feelings after you have seen everything, and if you don't feel comfortable with the artist or anything that is going on, don't be afraid to look elsewhere, its your body and the tattoo you get will be there FOREVER, so you must be wise and have some common sense when it comes to choosing an artist. After all you wouldn't go and see a doctor that is dirty and makes you feel uncomfortable, now would ya??? Same theory applies here, when choosing a tattoo artist.

Q6. If you received a piece you were not happy with,
would you go back to the same artist and let him/her
know or just move on and get it modified / covered.
A. Yes I would go back to the artist that gave me the piece I was not happy with, they should expect that, because a good artist will always want to hear what you think of it, even if it is bad or not exactly what you wanted, its your skin, not theirs and if they were not able to say "I don't know how to do this" then its their fault, and they were misleading you into
believing they knew what they were doing. This is not a tattoo artist and they should get the hell outta the business if they aren't making their customers happy with the end result. After I pointed that out to him/her, I would find myself a better artist that I felt was capable to handle covering whatever bad piece I got. You shouldn't have to get cover-ups, you should be
happy with what you wanted in the first place, but sometimes you come across a few bad tattooist's that ruin it for the "GREAT" ones, and you end up with something you hate even looking at, that's why you have to REALLY really make
sure your artist knows what he/she is doing, that way you can love your tattoo forever the way its supposed to be.

Q7. When you walk into a tattoo shop what do you feel
the most important thing an artist can do for a customer?
A.The most important thing an artist can do for his/her customers when you walk in for the first time is that they ask you what you are looking for and that they make sure you get what you are paying for. They should talk freely and openly and be able to back-up their work by showing you what they have accomplished so far. Communication is the best way to tell if you will be satisfied with what exactly you want. They should also have no qualms about showing you techniques involved with needles, cleanliness, sterilization, and getting you what you want, not what they want.

Q8. Do you thing the cleanliness of a shop reflects on
an artists work?
A. Yes it does, because you should NOT ever get a tattoo in a dirty place, or even a semi-clean shop, and if you do then you are putting yourself at risk, and you should know that this means the artist doesn't know what the hell they are doing when it comes to body art if they don't even know how to
keep their shops clean. Your health should be your main concern, and if the shop is dirty turn yourself around and walk back out the door and find yourself a CLEAN shop with experienced artists that put your health above all else.

Q9. Do you put a price limit on you're the work you
receive and if so how high will you go?
A. No I don't put a price on my work, cuz I know I am getting what I pay for, so its priceless to me, and I will spend whatever it takes to get what I want, cuz I know I will be proud to reflect my artists work by walking around with it for the rest of my life.

Q10. Do you have any work in progress and or see any
specific work in your near future?
A. Most of my tattoos are works in progress, I'm always finding something to add to it, or put around it, I guess because of my theme, I'm trying to make it one "BIG" picture, or
mural. I always have my eyes open for new pieces, as I'm not into just getting any ole thing put on my skin. I'm looking to get a back piece in the near future, its of horses of in an ocean theme, with one white horse running through water and the water is in the shape of this horse, its AWESOME, and I can't wait to get it. Also looking to get my Tom Cruise portrait modified by putting a film strip around it with a capture of him in each one of his movies. as my tribute to him. So tattoos I think will always be in my future, just don't know what or how many..LOL

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