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kevin daniels

marked mortal 43



Kevin Daniels


Kevin Daniels


Southwest, Ohio


Q1. Where did you get your first Tattoo and Do you know by who?
I got my first tattoo at the age of 24 from Roy's Art Studio in Mason Ohio. I was very lucky that the first shop I went to was a quality shop with talented artists. I didn't know then that it is very easy to get bad work.
The design was an oriental dragon, and I had Roy design it for me first. It took about 7 hours to finish, over several settings. I thought it would be my last tattoo...but I was wrong.... Roy has done all of my work since, and I trust him with doing a great job every time. His professionalism is unquestionable.

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first tattoo and how did you react weeks after it was on your body?
A. Well, I was very sick to my stomach, and I just knew I was ruining the rest of my life. But of course that was just the broken record running through my head which I had heard all of my life. I consoled myself by thinking that by the time I was 50 or 70 and I wanted it removed, laser technology would be so advanced there would be nothing to have it zapped away. Of course, I know now I'll never get rid of any-as a matter of fact, my life is much more interesting now that I have tattoos.

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your 1st Tat and what is it if you care to share?
A. No deep meaning beyond that I decided I was old enough, it was my life, and if I wanted a tattoo, I was going to get one.

Q4. What is your favorite Tattoo, where is it and why?
A. No favorites here. I love them all, and considering by the time I am done it will all be just one BIG tattoo, I can't separate them anyways.

Q5. What advise can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first time?
A. Think long term. GO FOR QUALITY. Do NOT go for the cheap tattoo your buddy's friend can give you. You get what you pay for. Ask to see your Tattooists portfolio, and listen to what people say about an artist who has worked on them. If money is a problem, break your tattoo into several settings. Almost every tattooist will accommodate this. If you're willing to pay for the quality, they will respect you and work with you.
As important as quality of work is cleanliness. Check to see the artists are clean looking. If they won't take personal interest in themselves, don't expect it from their work or environment. Autoclaves need to have certificates stating they are checked regularly. Needles must never be reused. Your Tattooists shop should be dental office clean. If it isn't, don't risk it.

Q6. Do You have any additional comments?
A. Getting tattooed, especially as extensively as I have, has been very positive for me. I meet great people in the shop, and when I am out and able to show my work, it brings people up to speak to me and to show me their work. I have all sorts of folks, from professionals to blue collars, pulling up their shirts or lifting up their shorts to show me their tattoos. It's a great unifier. Personally, I don't know why I love my tattoos so much, and I have given up trying to figure it out beyond the fact that I just like them. No other reason is necessary I guess.

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