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Vampire Brian

Artist Interview


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Well let's see.... Airbrushing, Web Design, RC Car's, Wrestling , Fishing & Lowridin'...


Vampire Brian

Vampire Brian


Atlanta, GA

Years in the Biz:


What made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
VB: Ever see that movie TATTOO with Bruce Dern and Muad Adams? Well the YAKUZA'S in the beginning BRAIN-WARPED ME! And i think the Devil made me do it!

BAW: Who are your influences?
VB: Definitely Paul Booth in highest regards! But before him I would have to say Guy Aitchison for bringing in the new school! Filip Lue (always loved his large work!) Bernie Luther, Jack Rudy, Brian Everette, Juli Moon, Marcus Pacheco, and way too many others to list.....but my shout out's go to my friend Albee at "Black Cat Tattoo" in Panama city beach for letting me work with him! Plus he's a kick ass tattoo artist, and to Randy (the man of a thousand colors)Fox.

BAW: What is your favorite style of work?
VB: Black and Grey, evil twisted morbid satanic sick shit! But I can do damn near any style....I also like New School graffiti style's....

BAW: Tell us about your first Tattoo Inkspierence?
: Hehehe...I hand poked a dragon on my calf at the age of 11, and I still got it....other than that my first customer was a friend that I did a flag on when I was probably look's awful if he still has it?! I hand poked tat's for 6 years irezumi style, bamboo sticks and the whole enchilada!

BAW: What is your favorite piece you own?
: Hmmmm....probably my skull self portrait that covers my whole forearm but I also love the huge dragon and "puck" the shape-shifter fairy I did on my leg....and now I have 2 new lotus blossoms on each side of my neck...... hmmmm maybe I'll say my next one instead...

BAW: What is your most memorable Tattoo given and why?
: To many to list....I'm just twisted like that anyway! Somebody's gotta be, right?

BAW: Is there a part of the body you won't Tattoo and why?
VB: The feet...hurts like hell and it never lasts!

BAW: How do you feel about female Tattoo Artists?
VB: Gotta love em! some girl's just aren't comfortable getting private places inked by a guy....Plus I used to be in love with Kari Barba when I was younger..(about 17) shhhh! don't tell her!

BAW: Do you support supply co. that sells to the public?
VB: NO! putting a machine in the hand of an idiot is the last thing we need, but it still happens anyway.I think you should be properly apprenticed by a professional (even though I wasn't)...but thanks to the idiot's for all the cover up's we do that add's to our business!

BAW: Do you feel there now should be mandatory schooling for soon to be tattoo artists?
VB: Schooling? NO! Apprenticeships YES! We don't want the whole world owning equipment now do we.........

BAW: Do you feel Tattooing has changed over the years, and if so why?
VB: Definitely so...I've been tattooing for 18 years I've got to see it all come to life in my years, from old school to the new kick ass styles that are being done just in the past 5 years or so....

BAW: Do you think it is important to do as many conventions and shows as possible?
: I like to do as many as possible.....that's the only way you get world wide recognition and magazine publicity....I've won alot of award's for my work and I'm damn proud of my customers that win and see themselves in mag's are ecstatic about it....So I say HELL YEA!

BAW: What advise can you give to someone who is starting or
looking to get into the tattoo business?
: Do it right train under a professional with excellent credentials!

BAW: What could you say to someone who has had a bad first Inkspierence?
VB: Don't lose hope and keep trying...there are far too many good experiences to accommodate the bad.....

BAW: Please share any other comments or views or questions to the public you might have.
VB: You learn something new everyday so don't give up.....I'm ready to see something new got any ideas?