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David Aaron




David Aaron

Name: David Aaron 
Age: 24
Location: Danville, VA
Website & Url 
Q1. Where did you get your first tattoo and do you
know by  who? 
A. First tattoo was a kanji sign meaning "love"

Q2. What was going through your mind when you got your first  tattoo? 
A. "I wish I got a bigger piece."

Q3. Is there a meaning behind your first tattoo and
what is  it if you care to share? 

A. Love is the foundation for what we do in our lives, why we marry, why we work, why we do help those we love.

Q4. What is your favorite tattoo, where is it and why? 

A. The tiki on my arm (still in progress), it's my biggest piece...and looks mad cool.
Q5. What advice can you give people who are looking to get ink for the first  time? 
A. Make sure it's something you want and can live with it forever, if you like it, don't listen to what everyone else you.

Q6. Any Additional Comments

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