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Website Disclaimer

Site Disclaimer-

The Body Art Web would like you to be aware that this site does contain minor adult content.

By entering this site you are agreeing that you are aware, by entering you acknowledge that this site may contain adult material and agree that the websites owners and its affiliates will not be liable in any jurisdictions for this sites content. By clicking on any of these links within this site, you certify that you meet the age requirements and that you agree to adhere to any and all local, state or federal laws regarding the viewing of adult oriented material.

We here at The Body Art Web are not liable for any actions taken upon by any of the sites associated with this website. If one site may be offensive to you then we do apologize, but because of it's issues and dealings with body art we are eligible to add them and display them here. Please note that some sites do contain adult content.

If any ring member / associate begins to act in a vulgar matter to other people within or associated to this website then we will terminate your connection to us.

We respect the right for free speechand no censorship, but there is a point.

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